The National Estate Churches Network is a group of Church workers, clergy, community workers and others who live and work in, and on, Housing Estates in different areas of England. We exist to build relationships - supporting and learning from one another. We also provide the opportunity for people
to have their say on a national level.

Conferences form an important part of the network . Each year National, city based, Conferences or smaller Regional Conferences, are hosted in two or three
towns across the country to share their
periences and ideas and hear keynote speakers from the national stage.

There are times when ministering on estates can feel lonely, even isolated, and
to help combat this we have coordinators around the country working to bring together those working on estates for support, discussion and to share latest news about what is on offer to them.

We also publish a regular Newsletter "NetLink' and have a presence on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

National Estate Churches Network

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      National Estate Churches Network


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